The Roos

I love my animal companions. So does Jon. When we first met, I had a single dog and he had three cats, and lo our fate was sealed to always want four pets. Our combined family makes for some complicated situations, but it’s well worth it. Also, Jon and I have two styles of naming – he chooses for where they come from, and I choose based on what they respond to.

Breeshey Fuzzikins McNubbins

aka Crankzors Cat

Breeshey is a black, white, and orange tabby/tortie (torbie) Manx mix cat with yellow-green eyes and an off-center white splotch on her nose. She has a cute little two inch nub of a tail, which makes it look like she’s got a bustle when she sits on a hard floor. Her meow always sounds like she’s complaining. Softest fur ever. Jon adopted her two months before we met.

Breeshey is the name for St Brigid in Manx Gaelic. Fuzzikins because her fur is soft as a rabbit, and McNubbins for her wee nub tail.

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Montecore Winston Vishnu

aka HipsterCat, Timelord Cat, Stop bugging your sister

Monte is a sable, tan and white (seal-point) Siamese mix cat with brilliant blue eyes, a white forehead star and chin, and a wild underbite. He’s a huge cat – easily 3 ft long when he stretches – but a real softie most of the time. Except his claws. His claws can cut through time and space, even when they’re clipped (Thus why Timelord cat). Monte can sit and sometimes say please on command. He talks a LOT. Oh, also, he chose me for Jon. It’s a nice story.

Montecore is from the Siegfried & Roy tiger (RIP). Vishnu is because he was supposedly part Bengal. Finally, Winston was what he was named before his adoption, and, well, it kinda suits him.

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Kizu Ltong Templeton

aka Kizu the Barbarian, Mx Wiggle, Snickerdoodle, Button

Kizu is a fawn-colored dog with a black-and-grey flecked muzzle. (Turning white rather rapidly. One of her pointy ears is perky and one is half-flopped unless she’s interested in something. She’s really smart and is the sweetest snugglemuffin of all. Adorably verbal without being too barky. Her DNA test didn’t confirm her ancestry, but we’re pretty sure she has some beagle in her.

Kizu comes from when we first got her – she looked a LOT like a Shiba Inu and she had these three deep scratches on her head along with a blocky scar on one ear (Kizu is Japanese for scratch or scar). Ltong is from when one DNA test thought there was a 45% likelihood she was part Lhasa Apso (it’s Tibetan for notch, for that same blocky scar). Templeton is for the rat in Charlotte’s Web, when we thought she was part rat terrier.

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Samael Winthrop Axe

aka Sammi, Sammigobammie, you jerkdog

Sammi is a reddish dark brown Plott Hound mix with gold eyes, black muzzle, and huge floppy ears. He has a neurological condition that causes him to twitch and sometimes lose balance but it has improved a lot since we’ve had him and worked with him. When he dreams, he can kick hard enough to bruise. But he is a delight to watch when he goes gaboing in excitement.

Samael was named because he’s a lot like the TV character Lucifer – everyone thinks he’s beautiful even though he’s kinda a selfish goof. (Plus he answered to the name Sammi when I was testing names on him.) Winthrop is because it’s a common name in the Carolinas and Plott Hounds are the state dog of North Carolina. Finally, Axe comes from the character Sam Axe in Burn Notice. You’d have to meet him to get it.

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Former Roos

Those sweethearts we miss madly

Black cat with gold eyes on blue plaid sheets

Thelonius Huxtable Davidson

aka Theo

Yeah, yeah, I know. The name wasn’t my idea. Jon had him well before I showed up.

Theo was a black Russian Blue mix cat with light yellow eyes and a white star on his chest. His meow was high-pitched and he had a hell of a purr. When I met him, he wasn’t very affectionate, but that changed a lot as he got older.

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Amelia Joy Everland

aka La Puppitisma, Melie McNugget

Amelia was a reddish blond golden retriever-Toller mix dog with dark brown eyes and a pinkish nose. Her face got whiter as she got older. She was the smartest animal I’d ever met. For the first eleven years of her life with me, she could jump higher than I was tall, even though she was only as tall as my knee at her shoulder.

Amelia was named because of that jump and her beautiful ears that looked like wings. I was playing with them and thought “Look, she’s a flying dog!” I got the idea of Amelia Earhart and tried it, and sure enough she responded to it. Joy is because – well, she was just joyful. Her joy saved my life. And Everland comes from the breeder license she had – I rescued her from a co-worker who had bought her from a breeder in Illinois, and Everland was the name of her dam.

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