Things That Bring The Rage

This is a list. It is a list of Things Some People Say that will elicit a fuckton of GRAAAAAAGH in this space. I won’t allow it in comments and I don’t easily forgive it in others.

CW for references to racism, slavery, pedophilia, and multiple kinds of oppression and abuse.

  1. Referring to kidnapped Africans and their descendants as slaves. They were enslaved people. Calling them slaves defines them by their oppression, and that’s fucked up.
  2. By the same token? The term “sex slaves” used outside of the language of BDSM culture. If you’re not writing about someone in a D/s relationship, they’re multiple rape survivors. Call it what it is; stop making it titillating because that contributes to the problem.
  3. Any implication that your right to free speech means you don’t have to suffer any consequences from that speech’s impact to individuals. People have the right to call you an asshole or refuse to listen to you…. including removing you from their space.
  4. And if you’re a free speech proponent, you better not think the Black Lives Matter movement and Colin Kaepernick are non-patriotic. That kind of hypocrisy drives me berserk.
  5. Any belief that a specific non-religious group has a secret pedophilia ring going on. Sorry, excuse me, if you’re going after Democrats and not Republicans or, for that matter, the Catholic Church? You have no leg to stand on.
    1. (Also, as a survivor I am really pissed off that these specific people are all OH NOES PEDOES when this has been going on everywhere since well before they were fucking born and only NOW are they upset, but only upset at folks Not Like Them. Look in your own house, fuckers.)
  6. Any reference to a neurological condition or configuration (e.g. autism) is a worse fate than death. No Autism Speaks “this is a disease” bullshit here.
  7. Any reference to “historical accuracy.” Folks, I don’t know how so many of you are unaware of this, but most Western schools and university have textbooks filled with lies and misapprehensions of global history based on racist and sexist biases.

This isn’t comprehensive and I will update as life rolls on.

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