Apex Magazine Running a Readers Choice Poll

My story “The First Promise We Break” is one of Apex Magazine’s 2022 stories and so is up for their Readers’ Choice Awards. Lots of other amazing writers are on there too, and you can vote for three! If you’re interested, head to this Google forms poll – it won’t collect your personal info.

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Some of My Favorite Inks – Sailor 123

Okay, fair warning, you’re going to see a theme here. After Armada, Sailor 123 is my favorite ink. Sailor is a pen and ink company in Japan that has been around for a while. They have pens and inks for any number of applications, at a wide variety of price points. I’m a big fan…

Some of My Favorite Inks – Vinta Aegean Armada

As promised, I wanted to share some of my favorite inks after that long series. Vinta Aegean Armada is, by far, my favorite ink to use in a pen. Vinta is an ink company in the Philippines that does some really lovely sheening and shading inks. This particular ink is very similar to Diamine’s Ghost…

Progress Today

Today I wrote 1280 words on a story for which I’ve only had a title and an idea since mid 2021! WOO! How’s your writing going? Need some cheerleading?

Welcome 2023

And with the turning, Janus looks from past to future…. :side-eyes my goal list: (are we ready for this? I’m not sure we’re ready for this.) AHEM It’s the first day of the new Gregorian new year :hooray: and I don’t have resolutions so much as plans. And some of these plans are, well, a…

My 2022 in Writing

While I’ve been writing for a long time *ahemdecadescough*, 2019 was the year I decided I was going to reclaim my writing voice and really DO this thing I’d wanted to do for ages. Looking back on it now, it’s interesting how austere and… cramped? my work was that first year. Not really me, not…

Some Screenthings I Liked In 2022

Ugh where in the world does the time go I keep thinking I have more time. Every year goes faster than the last, and since I’m still masking and distancing, I don’t have the battery of social events that I used to use to mark off the time. Plus I always used to say I’m…

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