Coming up on 900 days

This coming Monday will mark 900 days that Jon & I have been masking whenever indoors with others, aside from two jaunts to a restaurant after being vaccinated (before the variants started to be an issue). At this point we don’t see that ever stopping, but like with chronic illness, we keep having to remindContinue reading “Coming up on 900 days”

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Love Like Chocolate is out

I post it all over the place but I love this particular story. “Love Like Chocolate” is out in issue 9 of Cossmass Infinities and it’s available via ebook and paper!

Well This Is A Hell Of A Day

I can’t put into words the devastation I feel I used to be a one-issue voter, & that issue was abortion. That Roe v. Wade was overturned, even though I was prepared for it, makes me sick to my stomach. Yeah, I’m not OK. I’d be dead if I hadn’t had safe & legal access.

Solstice tarot pull

Well. This was unexpected. Soooo I love doing tarot card pulls not because I think there’s something supernatural about them, but because our brains are GREAT at symbolism, and sometimes prompting oneself with cards (or other oracular elements) is a wonderful way to view ourselves & our lives with a bit less bias. These cardsContinue reading “Solstice tarot pull”

A Day Before Solstice

Tomorrow will be solstice – specifically summer on my side of the world. Official maximum tilt will be at 5:13 am, 19 minutes before sunrise where I am. I’m not necessarily a sun-lover, but this year it feels important to honor the way the earth turns and swoops along its orbit, so I’m going toContinue reading “A Day Before Solstice”

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