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OK, So, Let’s Recap….

Seriously this whole country is a big ball of What The Actual Fuck. First, not only did Hurricane Ida fuck up Louisiana and shut off power for a whole ton of vulnerable people, but it sailed on up the Eastern Seaboard and dumped a bunch of rain on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York coastalContinue reading “OK, So, Let’s Recap….”


It’s hard to process one’s own grief when there’s so much else going on in the world. I’m flush with intense worry and sadness over so much else: New Orleans and those in the path of Ida.Afghanistan, the US strike against the airport bomb, the girls’ school that evacuated to Rwanda, and those Afghans whoContinue reading “Griefstuck”


CW: Death I remember the day I dreamt that Paul died. I remember in the dream it was after sunset, a smear of orange still on the horizon. I remember him shot, bleeding, him leaning on me heavily as I tried to get him away from the people who casually took him from us, strugglingContinue reading “Griefstorming”


I want to stop I want to just stop I want to not have to think or negotiate or reconsider or do the complicated logistical algebra of living in this nightmare world for just a freaking day my entire history bulges up against my back and nothing I do can extricate me from its needContinue reading “Untitled”

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