800 Days

800. Eight-freaking-hundred. (CW pandemic, death, loss of a parent) ….. We’ve been struggling with this nightmare of a disease for so long that I’ve been taking significant precautions for 800 days. Aside from two dining events, in the two weeks after we were considered fully vaccinated, and one dr’s appointment, we’ve been avoiding events andContinue reading “800 Days”

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Day 702, with tiny sacrifices

…. it’s been that kind of day. CW: illness, blood, inadvertent self-harm . I’ve grown more klutzy as I get older. This morning started, first thing, even before I got out of bed, with me opening an inch-long gash on my elbow bone courtesy of a laptop I’d left at my bedside. It continued withContinue reading “Day 702, with tiny sacrifices”

Day 666

CW: pandemic musings As of today, 666 days. My heart beats. The dogs murmur in their sleep. Cold floats around the windows. And outside, a devil of a virus churns through the population. 666 days of hiding from this awful thing, because apparently there’s no fighting it. After years of successfully missing it, many ofContinue reading “Day 666”

A distillation of human

So much has happened this year/has been happening for the past few months/is happening right now that it’s strange to have one’s brain sort of taken over by, of all things, Twitter. Discussion of family loss ahead. Folks on Twitter like to call it a hell site. Like, I see it across varying groups ofContinue reading “A distillation of human”

Stories published in 2021

It’s been a really neat past coupla weeks. My short story “Endless Blue” was published in the amazing anthology Upon A Thrice Time, edited by Todd Sanders at Air and Nothingness Press. This is the third installment in a series of anthologies about mashed-up fairy tales. My story takes “The Day Boy and the NightContinue reading “Stories published in 2021”

Landscape of Grief

(the title is the CW.) It’s my true father’s birthday later this week. It took me a while to figure out that this is why I’ve been so tired, so angry, so unable to do things. Because grief is weird, & for me, every time it swells it decides to do something new, just toContinue reading “Landscape of Grief”

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