I want to stop I want to just stop I want to not have to think or negotiate or reconsider or do the complicated logistical algebra of living in this nightmare world for just a freaking day my entire history bulges up against my back and nothing I do can extricate me from its needContinue reading “Untitled”

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Day 373, with Vernal Equinox

Today I spent time welcoming Spring in my Hemisphere by cleaning the bathroom (totally necessary due to plumbing mishap) and doing a bunch of plant maintenance and propagation. The water here has done a number on a bunch of my plants so it was time to do some soil replacement, poor things. Hoping the equinox,Continue reading “Day 373, with Vernal Equinox”

Day 365. Holy Cow.

Last year, at this exact time (3:45 pm), my boss was telling my team to take anything personal home with us. Closure had not yet been announced at work, but illnesses were escalating dramatically and the situation in Westchester County, NY, was already devastating, to the point where they’d announced a mile-wide “containment zone” aroundContinue reading “Day 365. Holy Cow.”

Day 354, with Women’s History Month

Just one thing: On this 1st day of Women’s History Month I want to re-state that trans women are women, and trans women’s histories belong here in this month. That is all.

Day 310, at a bit of a loss

Late yesterday our wee family got a bit of bad news. CN: discussing non-pandemic illness & crisis responses along with general pandemic & quarantine stuff. . First thing to note is that it’s not us – we’re all fine – but it’s very close to us. Second is that it’s not COVID, but it’s definitelyContinue reading “Day 310, at a bit of a loss”

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