Day 86, with # Black Lives Matter

This thing, which should not even be a contentious statement, is the reason for the full week of massive protests here in Philadelphia, in America, and even the world. I support all the BLM protesters under all conditions. ALL conditions. …. If you are reading this and the statement Black Lives Matter is somehow uncomfortableContinue reading “Day 86, with # Black Lives Matter”

Charities for Black History Month, week of 2/13 – 2/20

This week’s charity list has some amazing, not as well-known charities. I ask you check them all out; there’s some amazing stuff here. 2/13 – At The Well conferences is an organization that runs conferences around the country to “promote the emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual health of women and girls.” They also have aContinue reading “Charities for Black History Month, week of 2/13 – 2/20”

Charities for Black History Month, week of 2/7 – 2/12

This week I’m running late and ended up not donating on the exact days, but I’ve assigned each charity I donated to a day anyway :) 2/7 – I have a particularly big place in my heart for orgs that help abused children. Misssey is an organization devoted to helping kids in danger of orContinue reading “Charities for Black History Month, week of 2/7 – 2/12”

Black History Month: Charities from 2/2 – 2/6

As discussed before, I’m posting about the work of the charities I am targeting for this year’s Black History Month. It’s all amazing work and I encourage people to go to the sites I am linking and read about the projects and programs for each charity, in their own words. 2/2: You should know BlackContinue reading “Black History Month: Charities from 2/2 – 2/6”

Donating in honor of Black History Month

This year, in honor of Black History Month, every day of February¬†I will be donating to a charity that is run by and focused on black women in America. Because this is the first day, today I’ll spotlight the charity I’ve chosen. For the rest of the month I’ll post a summary of the charitiesContinue reading “Donating in honor of Black History Month”