New Moon Pull for May

This month’s new moon is a nice bit of energy. I did strictly the Osho Zen this time, but I put together a little holly offering beforehand. On the left, “Playfulness” is illustrated by a clown dressed in transparent red, orange and green overalls, scattering a million stars. While I’m not a fan of clowns,Continue reading “New Moon Pull for May”

Way Behind

For some reason I’m finding it tough to update here, even when I want to. “For some reason.” Hah. I know the reason. I’ve got friends and family on text, Facebook, Instagram, and a few Discords. Then I’ve got writing community on Twitter, Mastodon, a Slack channel or two and a few MORE Discords. AfterContinue reading “Way Behind”

Concerning the 3-yr Anniversary of Our Quarantine

Warning – long post abt masking. CW: incredibly depressing Covid science, and the linked video is hard to watch. . I’ve had several conversations in the past month, all with people dear to my heart, which started with them asking me some variation on when I planned to go back to the things I onceContinue reading “Concerning the 3-yr Anniversary of Our Quarantine”

New Moon Pull for Feb

I’m trying to do this more often. This being “actually do something to float your mind on each new and full moon.” This month’s new moon pull was interesting: The top one is the Twilight Canticle card “19. Tower”. Normally, “tower” iconography in Tarot cards is about things falling down, falling apart. What I loveContinue reading “New Moon Pull for Feb”