Day 310, at a bit of a loss

Late yesterday our wee family got a bit of bad news. CN: discussing non-pandemic illness & crisis responses along with general pandemic & quarantine stuff. . First thing to note is that it’s not us – we’re all fine – but it’s very close to us. Second is that it’s not COVID, but it’s definitelyContinue reading “Day 310, at a bit of a loss”

Day 300, with…terrorists in the US Capitol Building

This was supposed to be a “holy wow I’ve been in quarantine for 300 days straight” post. This was supposed to be a “what my life looks like now” post. And sure, I was planning some notes about the two new Democratic US senators from Georgia, in particular, delight about Warnock. But instead, I’m watchingContinue reading “Day 300, with…terrorists in the US Capitol Building”

Day 285, with missing motivation

I woke up this morning with a massive “OH NO” sign flashing in my head. In my whole “prep myself for a holiday with no family besides Jon” I neglected something – the whole process of preparing to visit family is the literal trigger for most of my gift-organizing. I’d forgotten to coordinate an alternativeContinue reading “Day 285, with missing motivation”