Day 161, with small comforts

Everything is wild and scary and desperate, and I needed a break.

So, photos! First, the sweetness of my snugglebug:

Kizu, a fawn dog with goblin ears, lays her greying muzzle on my pink pants and looks up at me pleadingly, hoping for food.
Perfect pleading on my pink pants

(img desc: Kizu, a fawn dog with goblin ears, lays her greying muzzle on my pink pants and looks up at me pleadingly, hoping for food.)

Even though I’m trapped in the house, there’s some beauty I can see:

orange/salmon/vivid yellow clouds above a residential building roof
Beautiful orange/salmon/vivid yellow clouds outside my window

I think the caption covers the image description, there.

And of course there’s my TimelordCat, Monte:

Monte meowing for pettins

(img desc: A seal point Siamese mix with sable face, white whiskers and bright blue eyes is lying on a sage-colored cushion, looking up at the photographer and meowing at them.)

Another out-the-window bit of joy:

Someone found some noms

(img desc: seen through a window screen that catches the late afternoon sunlight, a very skinny grey squirrel eating a purple petunia ignores the closeness of the camera.)

Out Of Context Jukebox

This is Sammi.

Because of this lanky galoot, I have found myself saying some things I never expected:

“Stop eating the rocks!”

“Don’t chew on the floor!”

“Quit swallowing the string!”

Not the smartest dog in the world, but means well. Sort of. 😳🙄

Particularly Proud of this Pelican Shot

A Brown Pelican (large water bird with white-and-black mottled wings and orange patches on its head and beak) flying low across gray, lightly wavy water. Its wings are on the downbeat.

Brown pelican in flight, from a Galveston trip in early March. I’m particularly proud of this photo, given I had no tripod and was following the bird by hand. The rest of the shots in this series? Not so much.

The Helplessness of Loving Animals

Monte has been having some digestive issues, so we are currently at the vet’s ofc for the second day in a row. We waited, snuggled together tightly on a vinyl couch in a frigid office, for almost two hours waiting for the ultrasound doctor to come. Now they’ve taken him in to get the procedure, and I’m left with the residual guilt that I can’t explain to my poor roo what’s going on, why he’s here, why he has to go hungry for so long. All I could do to console him is give him my hand to cuddle around and make soothing, apologetic noises.

I recall this same feeling, unpleasantly, from when our pup Amelia first got badly ill and needed subcutaneous fluids. The annoyance of the needle; making her lie relatively still while the cup or so of coldness slowly sank into her. Even being blind and struggling with degenerative myelopathy, she still wanted to roll and play, so it was extra painful to have to prevent that in order to treat her… so that she could continue to feel good enough to roll and play.

The good news is that now that I work from home, I can cuddle with him while working and be able to repay the discomfort of now. That doesn’t change how helpless I feel, nor does it change how I would drop everything in an instant to do it again.