Some of My Favorite Inks – Vinta Aegean Armada

As promised, I wanted to share some of my favorite inks after that long series. Vinta Aegean Armada is, by far, my favorite ink to use in a pen. Vinta is an ink company in the Philippines that does some really lovely sheening and shading inks. This particular ink is very similar to Diamine’s GhostContinue reading “Some of My Favorite Inks – Vinta Aegean Armada”

Just heard about The Ninth Night of Hanukkah

This is really lovely! Thank you to Staṡa Morgan-Appel for posting this on Facebook. A few years ago, apparently a lovely picture book was released proposing a Ninth Night of Hanukkah in honor of the helpers (link goes to an NPR page). I admit I got a little teary at the author Erica Perl talkingContinue reading “Just heard about The Ninth Night of Hanukkah”

Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 25

Your every-6th-day content note: I understand Advent is a Christian artifact, regardless of its presence in my life and ancestry as a cultural event. I am not Christian, though much of my family is, and I am not happy with the Christianization of secular culture despite having grown up immersed in it. I promise toContinue reading “Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 25”

Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 24

We’re at the last two, now, so I’m rubbing my hands anticipating some really good ones. Let’s see what’s behind the penultimate door! *drumroll*…. Day 24’s ink is called “One more Sleep.” (Why is the “more” in that title lower case? I have no freaking idea. Let’s just run with it.) I tested, as perContinue reading “Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 24”

Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 23

I seeeeriously doubt the next ink can beat yesterday’s. (We shall see!) The 23rd door! *drumroll*…. Day 23’s ink is called “Celebration.” I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook. My first, and really only, thought is “Bright!” Celebration is an intensely bright orange red with aContinue reading “Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 23”