RIP Stan Lee

Many people have said all the things about this guy, better than I could. But there’s one aspect to Stan I haven’t seen mentioned explicitly yet, and want to get my take out there.

What always amazed me about Stan was how many amazing, sympathetic characters he created in collaboration with other creatives. I often think about how many more of his creations I identify with than other worldbuilders. (Even more than Le Guin, and that is really saying something.) I mean, sure, when I was very young and watching superhero media, I loved Wonder Woman more than any other icon. But she was aspirational. I actually identified more with the Hulk, because the Hulk was always messing things up for Bruce Banner, even though Banner tried really hard to keep things together.

Yeah. As a kid, that really hit home.

Jean Grey/Phoenix and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch were similar. I identified with them because even though they had a lot more power than nearly anyone else, they also didn’t have the best control of it. Shit could blow up, sometimes despite their best efforts. As a kid with poor hand-eye coordination and not great fine motor control, in a family who had both in spades, that was kind of a balm. Knowing that sometimes, even people who are super can fuck things up.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought these characters (and more) to me, and gave me a context to understand myself in a different way. Kirby was gone before I really had gotten my arms around my fandom, but Lee? I got to see him as separate from the comics, and for that I’m grateful.

Thanks for everything, Stan.


Earlier this week I tried to get tickets to the women-only showing of Wonder Woman here and it was sold out.

At the time, I was both totally “WAAAH! NOOO!” and “FUCK YEAH SOLD OUT SHOWING.”

Now I’ve seen the movie, and it was SO much fun, and I look at that women-only showing and am both totally “Hmmm *sage nod* what a wise bit of business acumen!” and “WTF WHY NOT MORE! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!”

I would like my emotional core to make up its mind, pls.


Saddened By The Death Of A Class Act

As most people know, Sir Christopher Lee passed away on the 7th of this month, at the age of 93.

His career was wide-ranging, and other people have spoken about him and his achievements. Other people have more in-depth knowledge of his roles and his history, and I have no real reason to do some kind of summary of his Wikipedia article. I’ve loved his acting  – particularly in The Wicker Man – but so few people know about his musical pursuits.

Yes, Christopher Lee sang metal songs. Power metal, symphonic metal, whatever.

And he loved making metal versions of Christmas carols. You can get the 2014 Christmas carol right here.

Sir had some pipes! And it was so obvious he was having SO much fun. I am so sad that there will be no more metal carols to share with my wonderful Lee fanatic friend.

I will miss you, Christopher Lee.