Just heard about The Ninth Night of Hanukkah

This is really lovely! Thank you to Staṡa Morgan-Appel for posting this on Facebook. A few years ago, apparently a lovely picture book was released proposing a Ninth Night of Hanukkah in honor of the helpers (link goes to an NPR page). I admit I got a little teary at the author Erica Perl talkingContinue reading “Just heard about The Ninth Night of Hanukkah”

Day 365. Holy Cow.

Last year, at this exact time (3:45 pm), my boss was telling my team to take anything personal home with us. Closure had not yet been announced at work, but illnesses were escalating dramatically and the situation in Westchester County, NY, was already devastating, to the point where they’d announced a mile-wide “containment zone” aroundContinue reading “Day 365. Holy Cow.”

Day 80, with Nebulas, Protests and Curfews

Holy crap, folks. Okay, so first, because it’s most MOST important and this blog is for me to remember dates and times things happened* as much as it is to share with others, this past weekend there were nationwide protests about police brutality, systemic racism and government-sanctioned murder. It’s amazing to watch these protests unfold,Continue reading “Day 80, with Nebulas, Protests and Curfews”