I am being denied Services I Paid For…

And so is the rest of America. We PAY for those governmental agencies that are currently being censored on Twitter and in general. The EPA was not allowed to tell people who *depend on their grants* that they weren’t going to get their money. NASA, the Parks Service, and other organizations that are paid forContinue reading “I am being denied Services I Paid For…”

The Alt-Right Are Not Only White Supremacists Let’s Stop Using That

Just a reminder, folks, that as we’re making sure to define alt-Right for what it is… using white supremacy as the way in which we define them harms anti-racist conversations in the long term. The term “white supremacy” is used also to define a system of normalizing white people at the expense of POC, andContinue reading “The Alt-Right Are Not Only White Supremacists Let’s Stop Using That”

this is my president (after e. e. cummings)

this is my president:rages come and go, frail Azures suffering from night’s upset wing strong silent Greens silently sorrowing, absolute shame like baths of orange snow. This is my president:pursed lips do blow upon dark flames within white hearts,and sing (of strength deplorable and the insulting sling) minority faces he will now lay low. ThisContinue reading “this is my president (after e. e. cummings)”