That Trump Statue (And Varying Reactions)

CW: Discussion of current events in the context of certain forms of sexual violence. … I know most people who read this blog already know the statue to which I refer. Skip past the next pgph if you already know. But for those not in the know, and for those who might find this postContinue reading “That Trump Statue (And Varying Reactions)”

A Day and a Year Since the Charleston Shooting

CW: Charleston shooting, Emanuel AME’s history, racism & murder. <3 I’m going to repeat one of the things I said in the last post. This act by Dylann Roof was an act of terror as well as a hate crime and an action taken by a sick person. These beautiful human beings – Reverend ClementaContinue reading “A Day and a Year Since the Charleston Shooting”

The Existential Weirdness of the Term “Beta Male” As Used by MRAs

I have been ruminating on this for years, now, and the more I read about how this term is being used in forums where shooters are glorified, the more my eyes cross in complete bafflement. And it’s not merely about the central principle of existentialism: “the most important consideration for individuals is that they areContinue reading “The Existential Weirdness of the Term “Beta Male” As Used by MRAs”