It’s Awards Season Again & I’m Eligible

It’s SO strange to be eligible for awards. Strange in the best way. In case you haven’t been following me elsewhere, I have the following stories that are eligible for SFF-related awards this year! My short story “The First Promise We Break” came out in Apex Magazine Issue 130, in March of this year. AvailableContinue reading “It’s Awards Season Again & I’m Eligible”

I’d Be Annoyed but I’m Actually Grateful for the Timing

A few days after I posted about Instagram, SFWA (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Association) announced that they were doing a promo program on the platform. Yeah, that timing isn’t suspicious at all. (I know, I know, nothing whatsoever to do with me. Still very interesting timing.) Part of me was all “it doesn’tContinue reading “I’d Be Annoyed but I’m Actually Grateful for the Timing”

Stories published in 2021

It’s been a really neat past coupla weeks. My short story “Endless Blue” was published in the amazing anthology Upon A Thrice Time, edited by Todd Sanders at Air and Nothingness Press. This is the third installment in a series of anthologies about mashed-up fairy tales. My story takes “The Day Boy and the NightContinue reading “Stories published in 2021”