I’d Be Annoyed but I’m Actually Grateful for the Timing

A few days after I posted about Instagram, SFWA (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Association) announced that they were doing a promo program on the platform. Yeah, that timing isn’t suspicious at all. (I know, I know, nothing whatsoever to do with me. Still very interesting timing.) Part of me was all “it doesn’tContinue reading “I’d Be Annoyed but I’m Actually Grateful for the Timing”

Janus Gift #2 – Reclaim Journaling

One of the disadvantages of the digital world is that the content normally consigned to diaries and journals is now something that can be put out into the world for consumption by anyone. As someone who wrote diaries and journals avidly before my age hit double digits, I started putting my thoughts out in publicContinue reading “Janus Gift #2 – Reclaim Journaling”

When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.

Let me be open about one of my new addictions. I am currently madly, stupidly in love with cartridge-based fountain pens. It all happened when I was trying to figure out how to write on the train. Okay, that sounds dumb and obvious. Let me rewind a bit. I used to write longhand in middleContinue reading “When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.”