When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.

Let me be open about one of my new addictions. I am currently madly, stupidly in love with cartridge-based fountain pens. It all happened when I was trying to figure out how to write on the train. Okay, that sounds dumb and obvious. Let me rewind a bit. I used to write longhand in middleContinue reading “When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.”

Disrespected Writerly Requirement: A Good Chair

When I write my very first set of acknowledgments for whatever book I publish or release or whatever, I will include a fountain of gratitude for a good goddamn chair. I will praise the manufacturer to high heaven and back. I will do all of this because apparently what I have now is incredibly substandard.Continue reading “Disrespected Writerly Requirement: A Good Chair”