In Other News – Prepping for Archfiend Rewrite

I’m going to be revisiting the novel I was working on in 2007-2008, Archfiend. I’m starting small, with a book jacket synopsis. This is my first draft of it. ~ * ~ Biochemistry student Mia is experiencing the worst day of her life. Still reeling from a brutal argument with her sister Kate a weekContinue reading “In Other News – Prepping for Archfiend Rewrite”

Flash Fiction – “Hacking”

This is based on Chuck Wendig’s Friday Flash Fiction prompt. His model this week is X meets Y, and I pulled… “Snow Crash meets Discworld.” ~ * ~ She hovered over the battered steel behemoth for a while, watching. The sides of the ship were haphazardly riveted together, and sandy skiffs were locked onto theContinue reading “Flash Fiction – “Hacking””

Pseudomorph – some work related to Skein

Old work, but still relevant.   Pseudomorph Adenosine. Purio. Fewer than three. O2 here. Push nerve bundle into quiescense there. Tander flew through the mods in Tania’s body – the sprites on the amygdala, the coursers in the heart tissue, the fiery in the left lung, the floaters in the blood, on and on. WhenContinue reading “Pseudomorph – some work related to Skein”