When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.

Let me be open about one of my new addictions. I am currently madly, stupidly in love with cartridge-based fountain pens. It all happened when I was trying to figure out how to write on the train. Okay, that sounds dumb and obvious. Let me rewind a bit. I used to write longhand in middleContinue reading “When I don’t have room for a keyboard – PLAISIR.”

Pseudomorph – some work related to Skein

Old work, but still relevant.   Pseudomorph Adenosine. Purio. Fewer than three. O2 here. Push nerve bundle into quiescense there. Tander flew through the mods in Tania’s body – the sprites on the amygdala, the coursers in the heart tissue, the fiery in the left lung, the floaters in the blood, on and on. WhenContinue reading “Pseudomorph – some work related to Skein”

Disrespected Writerly Requirement: A Good Chair

When I write my very first set of acknowledgments for whatever book I publish or release or whatever, I will include a fountain of gratitude for a good goddamn chair. I will praise the manufacturer to high heaven and back. I will do all of this because apparently what I have now is incredibly substandard.Continue reading “Disrespected Writerly Requirement: A Good Chair”