Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 

To my Canadian friends. I found this article about its origins really interesting, and it’s worth the reminder that a lot of holidays have fraught or problematic beginnings.

I’m not going to mention that other holiday, but I would like to invite American folks with means, the ones whose families were/are here by choice, to consider paying a tiny fraction of rent to the folks who were displaced so you can live where you live. The information is just a Google search away.

“A Real Catastrophe”

Lin-Manuel Miranda was right. He IS going straight to hell.

He’s the real catastrophe.

Between that awful, evil statement about Puerto Rico today and this article on Vox, I might explode from rage. And I don’t even have any relatives there – just an ex-coworker from there. I can’t imagine what folks who have family/friends there are feeling right now. Particularly since they’ve been in budget crisis for years, so this is the worst of all possible scenarios.

I send anyone affected all my love.

Hello from Galveston 

Your typical beach photo: sand, water, waves, feet, sandy footwear, bright towels, and a book-like thing.

I asked Jon what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he answered “Go to Galveston.” So here we are (a few days early), his foot and flipflop on the left and my foot and sandals on the right, looking out at this gorgeous water. For anyone curious, that’s a Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen on my book, which was a gift from him a few Moviversarmases ago.

We’re on the Gulf side of Galveston, and the water is a marvelous 86 degrees. We didn’t want to get out of the water. We also saw pelicans, plovers and a godwit.

This beauty is literally an hour’s drive away from home. We’re pretty sure we’re going to come back here frequently.
Next up – a Harvey benefit dinner!


I know most people who read me are not supporters of 44.5, so yeah analogies of choir and bubble and WTFever here. But I am SO annoyed at the whole “NFL players should be fired if they don’t stand for the Pledge” BS. Where the fuck is your “both sides” bullshit rhetoric now?  You want to talk about disrespecting the flag?? The Confederate Flag is HELLA disrespectful, you baboon. And FFS the Nazi flag is WORSE.

14 Hours

I just drove over 800 miles in one go.

For the 3rd time this week.

I am loopy as all hell. But extra proud of myself.

It’s a long story, which I will save for when I am not about to crumple into pile of wolf hair and purple ink. Which, since I have to do this once more, will probably be next month.

Excellent Whisky (Plug)

If you are a fan of peaty whiskeys, The Balvenie’s 14 Y.O. Peat Week (2002 vintage) is extraordinary.

(As a comparison, my favorite “buy regularly” whiskey is Laphraoig’s Quarter Cask, with Ardbeg’s Uigeadial as a close 2nd. I often buy The Balvenie’s Carribean Cask because of its sweeter flavors. If I have the option, I’ll sit at a place like Angel Share in NYC and sip things like Bunnahabhain 25 or Mortlach 18, but I won’t buy those bottles on my own. This Peat Week, though, I think might have dislodged the Ardbeg for the close 2nd.)