14 Hours

I just drove over 800 miles in one go.

For the 3rd time this week.

I am loopy as all hell. But extra proud of myself.

It’s a long story, which I will save for when I am not about to crumple into pile of wolf hair and purple ink. Which, since I have to do this once more, will probably be next month.

Excellent Whisky (Plug)

If you are a fan of peaty whiskeys, The Balvenie’s 14 Y.O. Peat Week (2002 vintage) is extraordinary.

(As a comparison, my favorite “buy regularly” whiskey is Laphraoig’s Quarter Cask, with Ardbeg’s Uigeadial as a close 2nd. I often buy The Balvenie’s Carribean Cask because of its sweeter flavors. If I have the option, I’ll sit at a place like Angel Share in NYC and sip things like Bunnahabhain 25 or Mortlach 18, but I won’t buy those bottles on my own. This Peat Week, though, I think might have dislodged the Ardbeg for the close 2nd.)

So Much Going On In the World

It’s the time of year when sorrows overflow. Hurricane season is beating up the coasts, from the Caribbean and the US southeast to South Asia on up to freaking Nepal. Brutal forest fires line the whole West Coast of America. Rohingya refugees flee from Myanmar to flood-wracked Bangladesh. Earthquakes in Mexico. We’re fighting real Nazis here in America, as well as people who claim they’re just conservative but who are really Nazi-adjacent. They’re like Vichy America.*

Finally, there’s 44.5 and his bullshit over DACA.

Seriously. If a group of politicians really wanted a better replacement for something, they would not suggest repealing it first. They come up with a bill to modify or replace, and submit that fucker to Congress.  44.5 tried the whole “get rid of it then we start over” with health care and no one bit.

These kids are amazing, extraordinary kids. They’re *paying* to stay here; they’re not getting anything for free. This has been as much their home as anyone who grew up here. For most kids, we don’t think of home as where our passport is from – we think of home as where we went to school, or learned to ride a bike, or first realized that that kid on the swingset with us was our best friend.

This jackass up there in the seat of power doesn’t care how cruel he is. And I’m seeing a lot of similarities in the people who support him.

In the middle of all the other devastation happening in the world, I can’t even wrap my mind around why.



* More about this one later. It’s been wriggling around my mind since Charlottesville.

Eclipse 2017

An off-center photo of the 2017 eclipse’s totality. Taken by me in the Great Smoky Mountains.

I am insanely grateful right now for all of the things that aligned to get Jon and I here, at this moment, for this thing, the day before our wedding anniversary, with the equipment we needed to get a photo like the above. I mean, sure, most of it was not an accident. But some of it was, like the fact that we had a perfect comfortable vantage point from where we were staying, and the fact that the weather was perfect, and the fact that neither of us felt poorly or physically unable to look up (since the latter used to be an issue in the later days of my herniated discs). I feel additionally lucky that I have a few shots that actually show solar flares! Really exciting stuff.

Another Transitional

I’ve been trying all week to write something about the horrors in Charlottesville. I also have been trying all week to get everything “in order” for a vacation, and those two things mean I haven’t done particularly well at either. But I do not intend on being silent for long. I will speak out against the “Unite the Right” (what BS that is) rally and I will also speak out about white silence, including mine. In this current atmosphere, silence is assent – and I do not, in any way, assent to white nationalism of any kind.

I won’t be silent for long. And I invite other equality-minded white folks who are in my similar position of scatter to break their silence as well.