I write about things that don’t exist.

I think this world is really cool, but also really terrifying, so my writing trends towards horror 80% of the time, deeply weird 10% of the time, and comfort reads the other 10%.

First, let me say I am so goofily thrilled I have a ‘Publications’ page

I love genre fiction. I love the ideas writers can play with within genre fiction. I love even more that I get to share my own ideas with others.

Currently Published

Love Like Chocolate, Cossmass Infinities (July 2022)

The First Promise We Break, Apex Magazine, Apex Publications (March 2022)

Endless Blue, Upon A Thrice Time, Air and Nothingness Press (2021)

Slivers, 99 Tiny Terrors, Pulse Publishing (2021)

Authentic Experience, Slashertorte, Sliced-Up Press (2020)


A Word to the Wise, Cast of Wonders (TBD)

undertow, Kaleidotrope (TBD)

A Summoning, Expanse Magazine (TBD)

Delicate Situations, 99 Fleeting Fantasies (TBD)

“Official” headshot. Me, smirking behind a purple hyacinth
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