I write about things that don’t exist.

I think this world is really cool, but also really terrifying, so my writing trends towards horror 80% of the time, deeply weird 10% of the time, and comfort reads the other 10%.

First, let me say I am so goofily thrilled I have a ‘Publications’ page

I love genre fiction. I love the ideas writers can play with within genre fiction. I love even more that I get to share my own ideas with others.

Currently Published

The First Promise We Break, Apex Magazine, Apex Publications (March 2022)

Endless Blue, Upon A Thrice Time, Air and Nothingness Press (2021)

Slivers, 99 Tiny Terrors, Pulse Publishing (2021)

Authentic Experience, Slashertorte, Sliced-Up Press (2020)


Love Like Chocolate, Cossmass Infinities (July 2022)

undertow, Kaleidotrope (TBD)

“Official” headshot. Me, smirking behind a purple hyacinth
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