Seriously, What the Hell, Body

Dealing with multiple sickers ickers REALLY sucks. Not only do my feet hurt and my hip on my left side twinge with whatever nerve thing is going on there. The trapezius and deltoid in my left shoulder is spasming painfully and the spasming resists stretching, massage, heat, ice, topical lidocaine, NSAIDS, extra magnesium (internally andContinue reading “Seriously, What the Hell, Body”

Being Prepared – The “Doc’s Ofc is Closed for the Holidays” Version

Every week I get an allergy shot, in order to reduce my immune response to my allergies and lessen the intensity of my breathing issues. (It’s made it easier to breathe on a regular basis, but the runny nose I got in exchange was annoying, and I still have bad reactions to mold.) Usually bothContinue reading “Being Prepared – The “Doc’s Ofc is Closed for the Holidays” Version”