OK, Now I’m Pissed Off

CW: Ranting about responses to the Orlando tragedy.

You’re warned. <3 <3

*sigh* Y’know, I was horrified yet numb, before.

I was churning inside but I was calm on the surface, before.

But days of seeing all the media, and the content of that media, has set me off.

And so I pass along a wholehearted FUCK YOU to the wide range of assholes out there, inadvertent or otherwise.

Fuck you to ANYONE who tries to say this isn’t a hate crime against the LGBT community. It is. It’s a direct attack against my beloved community. If a foreign terrorist organization REALLY wanted to strike fear into the hearts of all Americans, they would NOT specifically hit a subculture that is among the most reviled in the country. Fucking stop already with that minimizing bullshit.

Fuck you to those awful people on social media saying explicitly that this isn’t so bad because the victims were gay. Fucking stop already and grow a fucking heart.

Fuck you, Mr. Trump, for turning this tragedy into Twitter fuel for your disgusting Islamophobic campaign. You should have fucking stopped ages ago.

Fuck you, the vast majority of American Republican lawmakers, for being too chickenshit to include anything about the victims being LGBT in your chickenshit “prayers.” If you were truly devout you’d love all your siblings on this earth. So fucking stop already – we see through it.

Fuck you, Marco Rubio, for being the one Republican who mentioned sexual orientation in your “sympathies”… and making it a “We stand by Americans even if you’re gay” qualification. Fucking STOP already.

And this isn’t as bad, but still: Fuck you to those of you who think that it can ONLY be a hate crime or ONLY be an act of terrorism, and not both. It is time to start treating mass attacks on people who are covered by hate crime legislation as terrorism. Because that’s most often what it is – according to the definition as laid out by the US Code of Federal Regulations, terrorism is “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” (emphasis mine.) That shooter meant to frighten gay people back into the closet, which is both a political and a social objective. Fuck off if you can’t understand this.

Fuck you, to everyone in Congress who voted against the Maloney Amendment, making it STILL okay to for federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees, despite President Obama’s executive order. Great thing to have as part of your fucking “prayers.”

Even fuck you, Bernie Sanders! Dammit, even though I’ve loved you, fuck you for saying initially “we do not know whether this was an act of terrorism, a terrible hate crime against gay people or the act of a very sick person.” You are supposed to be the politician with insight and vision. Why couldn’t you see it was going to be all three? Why are you falling into the same trap everyone else is?


And now I’m off to cry.

Instituting “FSA” posts

…because I really need certain things to just fucking stop already.

Today’s FSA is “random miracle breakdowns/breakages.”

Story: Last weekend I had plane tickets to go to Toronto. My plan was to leave our apartment at 8 am, drive my car (Mitethe is her name) to the airport, park her, and hop the shuttle bus to catch the Porter flight at 10:10 am. So I traipsed down to the garage, clicked the key fob…

Nothing. No beep, nothing. Mitethe was dead to the world.

Cue panic. I didn’t have time to call for a jump. I didn’t even have time to take mass transit – from my apartment it would have taken easily 2 hours. So I checked my bank balance quickly, then sucked it up and took a cab.

When I got back, I realized that if I didn’t call roadside assistance at just the right time, I’d be blocking the rest of the garage in to their spots for the duration of my service call. I didn’t have to drive anywhere the rest of the week, so I kept deciding not to risk it. In the end, I didn’t get Mitethe back from the dead until Saturday (yesterday) late afternoon.

Then, at 5 am this morning, Jon & I were woken up by the sound of a lot of glass things falling to their doom on our tiled kitchen floor. We ran out there, groggy as hell, to discover the refrigerator doors open, a tempered glass shelf shattered, and multiple typical refrigerator objects, including glass bottles, smashed on the floor.

Jon was a hero. He cleaned up a lot of the floor, and I basically told him to ignore the fridge and come back to bed, because I was having a hard time staying upright.

Since then, we’ve both found glass in our shoes, and I’ve gotten glass powder stuck in my fingers while trying to clean.

So. Breakdowns/breakages, please fucking stop already.