Galveston Pleasure Pier, Late Twilight

Galveston Pleasure Pier (a small group of amusement park rides, including a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and a tall chair swing ride on a long pier) lit up in blues, reds, and purples on the background of a dark purple late evening sky.

Of course there are many pictures like this, but this one is mine. And I did not mess with the white balance at all – it turned out this purple all on its lonesome. It feels like a wonderful gift.

Particularly Proud of this Pelican Shot

A Brown Pelican (large water bird with white-and-black mottled wings and orange patches on its head and beak) flying low across gray, lightly wavy water. Its wings are on the downbeat.

Brown pelican in flight, from a Galveston trip in early March. I’m particularly proud of this photo, given I had no tripod and was following the bird by hand. The rest of the shots in this series? Not so much.