Sudden Descents

You know those days… you’re minding your own business and doing housework or working on a project when suddenly Anxiety, Depression or Misery grabs you by the shoulder, whispers (or yells) “Time For An Adventure” and whisks you off somewhere until you’re looking at the world through their veil, or up at a distant lightContinue reading “Sudden Descents”

“A Real Catastrophe”

Lin-Manuel Miranda was right. 44.5 IS going straight to hell. He’s the real catastrophe. Between that awful, evil statement about Puerto Rico today and this article on Vox, I might explode from rage. And I don’t even have any relatives there – just an ex-coworker from there. I can’t imagine what folks who have family/friendsContinue reading ““A Real Catastrophe””

So Much Going On In the World

It’s the time of year when sorrows overflow. Hurricane season is beating up the coasts, from the Caribbean and the US southeast to South Asia on up to freaking Nepal. Brutal forest fires line the whole West Coast of America. Rohingya refugees flee from Myanmar to flood-wracked Bangladesh. Earthquakes in Mexico. We’re fighting real NazisContinue reading “So Much Going On In the World”

this is my president (after e. e. cummings)

this is my president:rages come and go, frail Azures suffering from night’s upset wing strong silent Greens silently sorrowing, absolute shame like baths of orange snow. This is my president:pursed lips do blow upon dark flames within white hearts,and sing (of strength deplorable and the insulting sling) minority faces he will now lay low. ThisContinue reading “this is my president (after e. e. cummings)”

Why the FUCK Does This Keep Happening? What is WRONG With Us, White People?

CW: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, police brutality, really seriously gross murder details, talking about white people (and acknowledging I’m one) <3 Are you ready? *deep breath, squares shoulders* . So I didn’t read or see any details about Mr. Sterling until after 3-something pm my time yesterday, because I fucked up something at work andContinue reading “Why the FUCK Does This Keep Happening? What is WRONG With Us, White People?”