Day 285, with missing motivation

I woke up this morning with a massive “OH NO” sign flashing in my head. In my whole “prep myself for a holiday with no family besides Jon” I neglected something – the whole process of preparing to visit family is the literal trigger for most of my gift-organizing. I’d forgotten to coordinate an alternativeContinue reading “Day 285, with missing motivation”

Day 258, with old holiday habits

CN: Unhealthy work environments, a link to a former animal companion Once upon a time I used to spend Thanksgiving alone on a regular basis. I’d get a cornish hen and some blueberries and napa cabbage and then between checks on work I’d write, and write, and write. The first time it happened, it wasContinue reading “Day 258, with old holiday habits”

Being Prepared – The “Doc’s Ofc is Closed for the Holidays” Version

Every week I get an allergy shot, in order to reduce my immune response to my allergies and lessen the intensity of my breathing issues. (It’s made it easier to breathe on a regular basis, but the runny nose I got in exchange was annoying, and I still have bad reactions to mold.) Usually bothContinue reading “Being Prepared – The “Doc’s Ofc is Closed for the Holidays” Version”