Day 80, with Nebulas, Protests and Curfews

Holy crap, folks. Okay, so first, because it’s most MOST important and this blog is for me to remember dates and times things happened* as much as it is to share with others, this past weekend there were nationwide protests about police brutality, systemic racism and government-sanctioned murder. It’s amazing to watch these protests unfold,Continue reading “Day 80, with Nebulas, Protests and Curfews”

Black History Month: Charities from 2/2 – 2/6

As discussed before, I’m posting about the work of the charities I am targeting for this year’s Black History Month. It’s all amazing work and I encourage people to go to the sites I am linking and read about the projects and programs for each charity, in their own words. 2/2: You should know BlackContinue reading “Black History Month: Charities from 2/2 – 2/6”