So, About That Realignment

I keep getting kicked in the ass when it comes to planning things. I used to be a project manager and kinda good at it, but DAMN I suck at predicting and planning for life craziness.

For instance: Walking 6 miles in brand new shoes on only 4 hrs of sleep? NOT SMART. (It was for a trade show.)

Another for instance: Promising 2 major documents to boss and clients while away on said trade show? EXTRA DOUBLE NOT SMART.

Recovering from that while trying to do ten kabillion things life is requiring? Not possible.

I need to go back to NYC next week and then go to a wedding of one of my favorite humans in the world, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I do it right this time.

Acknowledging a flaw – font snobbery

I’m working on upgrading the work laptop to OSX Yosemite for the purpose of understanding the new interfaces.

I finally got to the install screen after struggling with two different backup methods, and the words “Install OSX Yosemite” appeared at the top of the dialog box.

I looked.

I squinted.

All I could think was “Who chose that weird kerning??”