Sudden Descents

You know those days… you’re minding your own business and doing housework or working on a project when suddenly Anxiety, Depression or Misery grabs you by the shoulder, whispers (or yells) “Time For An Adventure” and whisks you off somewhere until you’re looking at the world through their veil, or up at a distant lightContinue reading “Sudden Descents”

That Trump Statue (And Varying Reactions)

CW: Discussion of current events in the context of certain forms of sexual violence. … I know most people who read this blog already know the statue to which I refer. Skip past the next pgph if you already know. But for those not in the know, and for those who might find this postContinue reading “That Trump Statue (And Varying Reactions)”

This Is A Post About Pain

Consider the title the content warning. It’s all about pain. Feel warned enough? Okay. *deep breath; squares shoulders* Yesterday I experienced a terrifying moment where simply attempting to stand up from a crouch hurt so badly I was momentarily blinded. It was in the backyard of our apartment building, and Jon and I were takingContinue reading “This Is A Post About Pain”

TV’s Game of Thrones might be better than A Song Of Ice And Fire

Though after the 1st season, I never thought I’d say that. And until last night, I would still have held up the books as a better entertainment experience. TRIGGER WARNING: I’m talking a lot about the sexual violence in the story and in the show. I’m writing this after spending a lot of time thinkingContinue reading “TV’s Game of Thrones might be better than A Song Of Ice And Fire”