This Is A Post About Pain

Consider the title the content warning. It’s all about pain. Feel warned enough? Okay. *deep breath; squares shoulders* Yesterday I experienced a terrifying moment where simply attempting to stand up from a crouch hurt so badly I was momentarily blinded. It was in the backyard of our apartment building, and Jon and I were takingContinue reading “This Is A Post About Pain”

And If One Is Interested, A Bit of Back History

(Nyuk nyuk. Get it? *Back* History?) ((Also, this is the point at which tl;dr folks should scroll past. This post is LOOOONG. *snore*)) I love that moment when you discover that a bunch of the things you’re struggling with turn out to all be one specific wound. There’s SUCH a relief knowing if you healContinue reading “And If One Is Interested, A Bit of Back History”

Upcoming Back Surgery

Yet again, it’s been a while. I have a reason, though. It turns out I’ve had two herniated disks in my lumbar region for about, enh, 2 years and change. Along with a VERY compressed spinal nerve on the right. As well as this ickers thing called spondylolisthesis, which is when a vertebrae slips forwardContinue reading “Upcoming Back Surgery”