“A Real Catastrophe”

Lin-Manuel Miranda was right. 44.5 IS going straight to hell.

He’s the real catastrophe.

Between that awful, evil statement about Puerto Rico today and this article on Vox, I might explode from rage. And I don’t even have any relatives there – just an ex-coworker from there. I can’t imagine what folks who have family/friends there are feeling right now. Particularly since they’ve been in budget crisis for years, so this is the worst of all possible scenarios.

I send anyone affected all my love.


I know most people who read me are not supporters of 44.5, so yeah analogies of choir and bubble and WTFever here. But I am SO annoyed at the whole “NFL players should be fired if they don’t stand for the Pledge” BS. Where the fuck is your “both sides” bullshit rhetoric now?  You want to talk about disrespecting the flag?? The Confederate Flag is HELLA disrespectful, you baboon. And FFS the Nazi flag is WORSE.

So Much Going On In the World

It’s the time of year when sorrows overflow. Hurricane season is beating up the coasts, from the Caribbean and the US southeast to South Asia on up to freaking Nepal. Brutal forest fires line the whole West Coast of America. Rohingya refugees flee from Myanmar to flood-wracked Bangladesh. Earthquakes in Mexico. We’re fighting real Nazis here in America, as well as people who claim they’re just conservative but who are really Nazi-adjacent. They’re like Vichy America.*

Finally, there’s 44.5 and his bullshit over DACA.

Seriously. If a group of politicians really wanted a better replacement for something, they would not suggest repealing it first. They come up with a bill to modify or replace, and submit that fucker to Congress.  44.5 tried the whole “get rid of it then we start over” with health care and no one bit.

These kids are amazing, extraordinary kids. They’re *paying* to stay here; they’re not getting anything for free. This has been as much their home as anyone who grew up here. For most kids, we don’t think of home as where our passport is from – we think of home as where we went to school, or learned to ride a bike, or first realized that that kid on the swingset with us was our best friend.

This jackass up there in the seat of power doesn’t care how cruel he is. And I’m seeing a lot of similarities in the people who support him.

In the middle of all the other devastation happening in the world, I can’t even wrap my mind around why.



* More about this one later. It’s been wriggling around my mind since Charlottesville.

I am being denied Services I Paid For…

NASA meatball

NASA had to create a rogue Twitter account to get around a gag order.

And so is the rest of America.

We PAY for those governmental agencies that are currently being censored on Twitter and in general. The EPA was not allowed to tell people who *depend on their grants* that they weren’t going to get their money. NASA, the Parks Service, and other organizations that are paid for through my tax money – and that I WANT to pay for through my tax money – are having their public speaking curtailed.

I am fucking furious. I pay for these things. I want to pay for these things. That’s MY stuff.

And it’s yours too.

Speak out. Those orgs are yours. You have been paying for them for years and at the VERY least we deserve a download of our data (thanks for taking the initiative, NASA) and an announcement that our services are being curtailed – PLUS a reason.

I mean, really, folks. If Comcast or ATT or or had cut off our internet, we’d be screaming bloody murder.

Let’s apply the same fury now.